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The world of business is vastly different today than even only a few years ago. Companies are integrating more work-from-home policies and also embracing the cost savings inherent in the concept of virtual assistants and offices. At N1 Mailbox we are excited by the opportunities that our virtual office services provide and we cover some of the concepts and stories here.

How Does Gigatux Use N1 Mailbox?

How Does Gigatux Use N1 Mailbox Services? N1 Mailbox services are used by a diverse universe of businesses and clients. We decided to introduce a few of them to you. Here we are talking with Marc Warne of Gigatux. Hi Marc, tell us a bit more about Gigatux. GigaTux is...

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I’ve Got a Houseboat, Now How Do I Get My Mail?

I've Got a Houseboat, Now How Do I Get My Mail? Living on a Houseboat in London has lots going for it but there is one major drawback. You Need a Mailbox.  Living on a houseboat in the canals of London’s Little Venice used to be an alternative lifestyle choice and a...

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The Benefits of a Virtual Office in London

The Benefits of a Virtual Office in London In this fast-advancing technological world we live in, more businesses are making the transition from a brick-and-mortar workplace to a virtual office. When you eliminate the overhead costs pertinent to maintenance, rent and...

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